About Me


GALA, a visual artist, graduated from ENSAD, Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.


She is also an Art Therapist in “Progressive Art Therapy” and an Art Teacher for children and Adults.


As an art therapist she has developed a method for Alzheimer patients. She worked with Alzheimer patients in Paris and in Geriatric care at Hôpital de Poissy, outside Paris.


She has worked with several Cultural and Learning Projects.


She started SWEA Art, an International Women’s Art group, in Paris in 2002. This network is still growing around the world. For the last 15 years she has been initiating group work and exhibitions within the Paris chapter of SWEA Art.


GALA is currently living in Paris, France.



 "I have lived and worked in many countries. Traveling eternally, on the road or in the air, is my source of inspiration. The scenes from the journey that my eyes capture, I wish to transfer them on canvas to share them.

For many years I painted large oil paintings. My main inspiration was our relation to nature.

In the recent years, my own photos become an important part of creating my pictures. Through a composition of photos, prints and paint, I like to share a snapshot, an instant of time. My main occupation is rhythm, space and time. I think we live in a world where dealing with time is our main occupation.

My colors are bright. Maybe they are Swedish. The intensity of color to evoke the intensity of feelings. Colors to transmit my passion for life, the earth and the people we share it with.

I like to work over borders of countries, languages, differences and age. I like to be part of and create Art Projects that involve other artists and can bring gifts to others trough art and with Art."

- Gala



“Gala is a painter, if she also uses the photo it is because, in the world she is traveling through, she wishes to preserve the present moment, to hold on to a brief instant of reality. She transfers emotions for others to see, without being seen.”

- Daniel Bohbot, artist