Projects at the hospital of Le Vésinet

Permanent public art works

Gala brightens up the hospital


Following a commission from the hospital of Le Vésinet (France), Gala created a series of art works from photos taken of the building. These now liven up the walls of the hospital, a historic monument built in the XIX century.


The art work was done during two different periods. The corridors and the Entrance Halls were made in 2011 and the pieces for the Administration offices were made after a renovation of the building in 2014.

New collection

The hospital's brochure

In connection with the art-work for the corridors and the Entrance Halls Gala made the illustrations for the official brochure of the hospital. This informative brochure is given to all the patients and is inspired by the architectural elements of the hospital that is a Historical Classified Building in Napoleon I style.


Exhibition "Doors", 2011

In relation to creating the public art work for the hospital Gala exhibited art work inspired by the old 18th century doors in the hospital.