Recent Events

Exhibition, "Gardens" 

Swedish student house, Paris, October 2 to 25, 2019


" The Lotus pond "


Wall painting for an old Vicarage near Gothenburg in Sweden. Oil and acrylic paint on canvas.


As this vicarage is situated near the sea, the theme of the painting is fish (also symbol of Christ) and water at a Lotus pond, an early and calm morning. There is also a story included in the painting for the children who are living in the old Vicarage. “The fish discover a treasure at the bottom of the pond after a princess lost her necklace the night before during a boat ride. The fish are just discovering the treasure and one of the fish is swimming with one of the pearls in his mouth.




           Groupe exhibition FCF. 4 november - 9 december 2018, He Art Gallery, Hengelo, Pays Bas

           Group exhibition FICF, 22, september – 21 october 2018, Ibbenburen, Germany



Looking for the groom                                                     Looking for the bride



"East Meets West", November 2017

Yuan Ru Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan

3 artists from Europe, 3 artists from Taiwan as well as the gallery owner Julie exhibited together.

Illustrations and Lithographs, January 2017

At La Bibliothèque Nordique, Paris

Together with Annika Baudry, Birgitta Lindqvist and Lili Weil.

Series "Lull", August 2016

Mixed media on paper. Englesson Gallery, Gothenburg, Sweden. With SWEA Art.